Saturday, February 21, 2009

self destruction

I reached into the cabinet for a coffee cup and set it down on the counter by the coffee pot. Then I reached behind the door and slammed it shut with my face in the way. Needless to say the knot that arose was as big as the popping sound it made.

Why did I hit myself in the face I wondered? I have completed this action every morning for years and never hit myself. But this particular morning, I simply was not paying attention. Therefore, I hurt myself.

We often hurt ourselves in the effort to complete a simple task but the hurt may become deep and painful, but because we did it to ourselves we do not let anyone know about the hurt.

For example, let's say sex is a car. At age 16 all people get a car and a gift wrapped key. The car is their dream car, it is the right color, the right style and everything it should be. The key is wrapped in a beautiful box. But there is a group of people that tell you don't open the box and put the car in the garage, you can't open it until you have married. That seems really dumb.

A few will follow the instructions but most want because they are told it is stupid to wait, they have the car they might as well enjoy it. So they open the box and they see the key, bright and shiny. They take it out to the car but the car won't start. It just sets there. So they take the key and carry it in their pocket and show it to everyone else and they look at everyone elses keys. Occasionally, they take the keys and scratch the car, it doesn't do much anyway. They put graffitii on it or simply key it.

A few years later, one of those nerdy stupid people who put their car in the garage and saved it for marriage drives by and the car is more beautiful than ever. The few look at their car and wonder what happened, it is rusted and bent and ugly. They take the key and try it once more, this time the car starts, but the motor misses a little and the tires have knots on them because of the abuse of the car.

The one who took sex out before marriage finds they have a few abortions behind them or a child and a poor paying job, they couldn't finish school because they had to take car of that rusty old car. They look at the one in the car with them and they are as rusty and old as as the car.

Sex is like that car, it is the greatest gift God gives mankind. But he put instructions with the gift, not to deny one the priviledge of the gift but so that they reap the most benefits from the gift. For the one who put the car in the garage and saved it for that special one, their car will always be shiny and new and will give them pleasure all the days of their life. For the others who felt that was stupid may have spent their car up by the time they were 17. There is not another car. This is the only one that is given.

Why do we self-destruct? Because we believe the lies of the others who messed up their cars instead of following the instructions of the one who gave the gift. We self-destruct because it seems so routine and so lame to keep the car in the garage, when it is now that you have the looks and the drive to go somewhere, but those who self-destruct, didn't go anywhere, they still have the shabby old car they keyed and abused. They will have it till they die.

Pay attention to what you do and don't slam the cabinet door on your face simply because the world tells you to. Take the gift and thank the giver and then follow His instructions. It will be the most fulfilling gift you will ever receive and the best part is that it will last the rest of your life without any bumps on the car. It will always be bright and shiny and new, even when you aren't.

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