Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I begin by introducing myself. I have chosen the name for this blog as "choose the good part." That comes from the story in the Bible about two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha is busy making dinner and preparations but her sister Mary is sitting at Jesus feet listening to Him teach. Martha complains to Jesus that Mary is not helping her, but Jesus responds by saying, "Mary, has chosen the good part."

I love hospitality and having people in my home, I love the fru fru of a sit down dinner party. I love the planning and the preparation. But I also love to study the Bible and hear the words of the Lord , they truly are words of life.

Now as I sit at his feet and do not fret over the cobwebs in the corner, I find a peace and an insatiable hunger. It seems that Jesus is saying that homemaking and caring for one's guests and family is not important but that is not the case at all. He is telling Martha that there are times the necessary things of life can be put aside for a while while we stop and be still and listen. He is saying that digesting His words and taking Him into our hearts is the good part of life.

That is what this blog will be about. The Words of our Lord, served up at a sit-down informal dinner party where my guests can enjoy the food I prepare and learn from the Words of God that I share. I am not a theologian but I am a counselor, I may not know all the theories, but I know the author. I may not express myself in theological terminology, but I will express my interpretation in the context of the whole counsel of God. I love serving the Words of God to my guests and allowing them to choose the good part.

I start and write this blog because I am a writer. I have written many journals, but my typing is much better than my penmanship. I write this mostly for my family both physical and spiritual. I do not write to impart any wise words of prophetic wisdom, but I write to reveal my heart and the things that Jesus reveals to me.

Life is short but has many opportunities and as we develop through each age we find new and more exciting opportuntines, now at the age of 60 I find the opportunity to partake of the good part. I have the time and the desire. In this blog I want to share the good things I ingest with those who do not have the time to research or sit quietly at the feet of the Master and listen to His words.

I hope to impart foundational knowledge gained from sitting at his feet, not opinionated dribble and with the graciousness of Martha, the hostess.

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